"If one stays, all will stay. If one leaves, all leave." - Heechul

Thank you for everything, enduring all kind of hardships through the years, for always putting a lot of effort  in everything you do, for working hard to prove your greatness to the world and mostly thank you for being strong and loving us. Please never worry about us liking someone else, we have your back and will stick by your side until the very end ..but there’s not really an end to Super Junior and Everlasting Friends, right? Thank you for showing me what love and passion is. I can’t wait for the many more years to come. 

"…We can create the word forever together." - Leeteuk.

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how to be undeniably cute at a beer festival (◕ω◕✿)

picspam: Kyuhyun looking delicious in Suits

gloriously. wet. cho.

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picspam: airportkyu

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picspam: Kyuhyun in Catch me if you can

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Kyuhyun talking about “Promise You” and it’s meaning..

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